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We believe in making sure our patients are well-informed, in both our method of treatments and the way we work with patients. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions within the Chiropractic world. If you have a question you don't see answered here, reach out to us.

Is Chiropractic Care safe?

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest, drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of nerve, muscle and joint conditions. Although chiropractic has an excellent safety record, no health treatment is completely free of potential adverse effects. Many patients feel immediate relief following chiropractic treatment, but some may experience mild soreness, stiffness or aching, similar to exercise soreness. Current research shows that minor discomfort or soreness following spinal manipulation typically fades within 24 hours. Your chiropractor will explain the risk and benefits of each treatment with you prior to care.


Do I need a Referral?

Generally a referral is not needed to see a doctor of chiropractic (DC); however, in rare cases, your health plan may have specific referral requirements. You can contact your employer’s human resources department—or your insurance provider directly—to find out if your specific plan requires a referral. Most plans allow you to just call and schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.


Do you accept Insurance?

Active Care is dedicated to providing quality care to all of our patients. We work with all major insurance carriers and affordable cash plans are also available. We can verify your benefits prior to your initial visit at no cost.


Can you help me?

In most cases, an in-depth history and physical examination can help determine if your symptoms are related to an easily treated problem or one that requires further imaging, testing, or a referral for specialized medical care. New research shows us that conservative manual therapy including chiropractic care is a safe, economical and effective method of treating conditions of the nerves, muscles, and joints.

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